Zyliss Sandwich Knife/Spreader
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Zyliss Sandwich Knife/Spreader

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Create your favorite sandwich quickly and easily with the Zyliss Sandwich Knife. The oval-shaped blade is sized to fit easily into condiment jars and is perfect for spreading, while the serrated edge makes quick work of slicing thick crusty breads, meats, and cheeses. The high quality stainless steel blade is designed for long lasting use and the ergonomic handle with rubber grip provides precision cutting and a comfortable hold.

  • Oval-shaped blade fits easily into condiment jars and is perfect for spreading mayonnaise, mustard, nut butters, and other spreads onto sandwiches
  • Serrated edge cuts easily through crusty breads, meats, and cheeses
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip for comfortable hold
  • Also useful for spreading icing onto cakes, cookies, and cupcakes
  • Dishwasher safe


  • length: 11.61 inch
  • width: 4.61 inch
  • height: 0.63 inch
Handle PP, TPE
Blade Stainless Steel
ID : 31360

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Product Reviews

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I have 4 of these

No joke, I have four sandwich knives at home, my wife and 3 kids will no longer use our butter knives because they love how sandwich knives work so much better. The amount you get out of a jar of peanut butter, jelly, mayo, ect is more than we would get using our now obsolete butter knives. It spreads 3 times better and cuts great as well. This is a family favorite.

Reviewed by Jermaine Robinson,  03/10/2013

Best Kitchen Tool Ever!

The Zyliss Sandwich Knife is the best tool I have ever used in the kitchen! I use this sandwich knife daily, and one is not enough (I have three!). Not only is it great for spreading condiments or peanut butter & jelly onto your sandwich, but it is also great for cutting the sandwich too! Alternately, spreading frosting onto cakes and cupcakes has never been easier. This sandwich knife feels good in the hand and the blade has enough give and width to really get the job done with little effort. I highly recommend the Zyliss Sandwich Knife and think everyone needs to have at least one in their kitchen. I would give it 10 stars if I could!

Reviewed by Laura Harris,  03/10/2013

My Dad's Favorite

I got this sandwich knife for my Dad and he just loves it. It is great for spreading peanut butter and jelly like a champ. It has the nice serrations so you can cut the bread nicely. I think this sandwich knife is great!

Reviewed by Anne Steele,  23/09/2013

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