Zyliss Smart-Touch™ Salad Spinner (Green) - Large

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The award-winning Zyliss Smart Touch® Salad Spinner features fast-action pump dry technology, bringing fun and ease to salad preparation while cleansing greens, berries, and herbs of dirt and other impurities. The easy to use one-pump lever creates a smooth spinning action while delivering speed and yielding quick, effortless results. Eliminate watery salads and keep produce fresher longer, using the precision engineered, high-performing Zyliss Smart Touch® Salad Spinner.

  • Fast-action pump dry technology cleans and dries greens with just one touch
  • Non-slip base and low center of gravity provide stability to spinner rotating at speeds up to 1800 rpm
  • Spinner bowl doubles as a tabletop serving piece
  • Unique flat lid allows for stackable storage in refrigerator or kitchen cupboard
  • Family-sized, 4-6 serving spinner holds 16 cups
  • Dishwasher safe


  • length: 10.38 inch
  • width: 10.38 inch
  • height: 5.88 inch
Basket PP
Lid ABS, POM, TPE, TPR, Nylon, SAN, PC, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Badge
Weight: 2.80 lbs
ID : 15912

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Great Salad Spinner

I love this Zyliss Salad Spinner. The push lever makes it very easy to use and its spins very fast. It dries the lettuce perfectly.

There are also nice features about the item apart from spinning the lettuce. The basket inside can be used to rinse the lettuce in the sink and the clear bowl can be used to serve the salad at the table. We usually make a large salad that will last a couple days. The lid fits nicely on the bowl and closes flat so it's easy to store the salad in the fridge.

I've given several of these to friends as gifts and they always come back and tell me how much they enjoy it and how well it works.

Reviewed by Charlie Wood,  24/09/2013

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