About Zyliss:

Since 1951, Zyliss has been creating kitchen tools and gadgets to meet the growing need of consumers worldwide. Behind every Zyliss kitchen tool is the "design to delight" principle. The belief is that all Zyliss products should not only do a brilliant job, simply and efficiently, but also make customers smile every time they use them.

With over 70 years of experience in designing quality food preparation tools and gadgets, it is easy to see how Zyliss has become an internationally respected brand which is favored by everyday cooks as well as gourmet chefs.

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What's your first memory of cooking?

Perhaps it's being taught a generations-old family recipe. Or maybe the first time you heard garlic snap and sizzle in a pan. It could even be mixing your first cake and letting your son lick the bowl.

Your memories have been inspiring everything we do.

For 70 years we've observed trends, listened to families' experiences, learnt from your unique cooking journeys and designed the perfect tools to help you master the art of prep.

70 years of Swiss expertise:

At Zyliss, we apply 70 years of Swiss expertise to kitchen equipment that's built on the knowledge that food magic and delicious memories begin long before the meal reaches the table.

Zyliss products empower you to heighten the aromas, colours, sounds, tastes and textures of the food at every step.

Chopping, dicing, slicing, whirring, grating...whatever you're doing, the 2021 Zyliss collection will be perfecting the prep process right along with you. Creating delicious memories that become tradition, for generations.

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The Language Of Prep:

What we offer:

The Zyliss brand offers a robust selection of bestselling food preparation tools that implement the latest ideas and innovations. At Zyliss, we love the aromas, colors, sounds, tastes and textures of the kitchen. The chop, chop, chop. The sizzle and pop. We love the slicing and grating, the stirring and blending.

The orange flash, the heat of the blue flame. The hiss when the garlic hits the pan. It's a feast for the senses and the kitchen is where the action is. We know the magic of food begins long before the meal reaches the table. That's why we create brilliant kitchen tools and equipment, designed to help you perfect the art of preparation and cooking.

We apply seventy years of Swiss expertise to everything we make, so our tools are a delight to use. Zyliss products feel and look great as well. Whether you squelch the potatoes, wizzle the salad leaves or jiggle the dressing - preparing ingredients and cooking them comes with a language all its own.

Designed to Delight:

We want our customers to love the product as much as the results. That's why our kitchen solutions are full of delightful design ingenuity to make everyday tasks a pleasure. Inspiration for new products is derived from not only understanding what our customers want but from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends and everyday cooking.

Through a commitment to develop ingenious, reliable and durable products, Zyliss is not just about producing highly functional products, we are about continuously delighting all those who use them.

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