Guidelines and Regulations

Participation Requirements

To participate in the Blogger Outreach Program (“Program”), you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Reside in the fifty United States or District of Columbia
  • Have a street address and not a P.O. Box number (we are unable to ship materials to P.O. Boxes)
  • Agree that no compensation shall be paid in connection with participation in the Program, apart from the product(s) provided for evaluation purposes
  • Agree to the Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics below
  • Agree to Zyliss Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Selection of Program Participants

DKB Household USA (“DKB”) carefully reviews each blog before we decide to partner on any project for the Program.  It is important that the partnership reflects both of our brands positively.  DKB considers the following criteria when evaluating a potential partnership for the Program:

  • Our products should be a good fit for your blog. We don’t want to confuse your readers or force an unnatural relationship.  We look for blogs that have an organic connection between our products and your content.
  • Many of our tools can be found in the kitchen as part of the cooking process. We appreciate visually appealing photos of this process.
  • A lot of thought and effort goes into the creation and promotion of our products. We look for blogs that demonstrate the same values and look for a commitment to a strong, clear, positive and respectful writing style.
  • We love our customers and enjoy engaging with them. We hope that you actively interact with your readers, whether by responding to comments on your blog or interacting via social media.
  • Our products come in all shapes and sizes and we know blogs do too. We consider partnering with blogs of all types and sizes, but we do see value in being able to estimate the number of views a potential Program partnership will have.

What to Expect From Us

DKB is committed to developing lasting partnerships with partners selected to participate in the Program. We like to help partners by promoting their work when it is of high quality and reflects both of our brands positively.  [We anticipate featuring 1-2 top blog posts in our consumer emails each month.]

DKB is always on the lookout for new and creative ways to promote the blogs that we work closely with.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any ideas or questions you might have at  Any ideas or information you disclose or send to us (“Disclosures”) are provided on a non-confidential basis with no obligation on our part to keep such information secret. You understand and agree that DKB is free to use, for any purpose whatsoever, any Disclosure, including publishing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing products using such information. By providing a Disclosure you hereby grant DKB the unlimited, perpetual right to use Disclosure for any purpose and in any media without compensation.

Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics

In accordance with Federal Trade Commission guides on endorsements, DKB Household USA (“DKB”) has adopted the following Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics to ensure compliance with current legal standards and guidance.

By participating in the DKB Household USA Blogger Outreach Program you understand and agree that all blog posts and social media posts regarding or related to DKB or DKB’s products must:

  1. Be truthful and not misleading.
  2. Reflect your honest opinions, findings, beliefs or experiences. Do not make claims that you can’t back up.
  3. Clearly and conspicuously disclose material connections with DKB using one or more of the following methods, so that consumers can quickly and easily understand our relationship:
    1. Disclosing that DKB gave you the product to try, in close proximity to the post referencing the product, in an easy to read font and color.
    2. Incorporating a phrase that clearly discloses your relationship with DKB on social media (e.g. Partnering with @zyliss or Sponsored by @zyliss).
  • Using a hashtag such as the standardized tag #Ad or explanatory hashtags that disclose the connection (e.g., #SponsoredbyZyliss or #PromotedbyZyliss). Hashtags should preferably be located near the beginning of a social media post and should be the first hashtag listed in any series of hashtags. Abbreviated hashtags (e.g., “#Spon”) are discouraged even on platforms with character or space limitations.  When possible you should use bold, italic, or a different color font for the hashtag.
  1. Clearly and prominently displaying or verbally disclosing your relationship in easy to understand terms for video or audio posts. Video disclosures must be on the screen long enough to be noticed, read and understood.  Audio disclosures must be read at a speed that is easy to follow and in simple language that consumers can easily understand.  A text disclosure only in the description or comments section of an audio/video post is not a sufficient substitute for disclosure in the actual audio/video content being posted.
  1. Be accurate.
  2. Be promptly corrected in the event information posted is found to be inaccurate or contain any improper disclosures.
  3. Not contain obscene, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, abusive, illegal or otherwise improper content.