Zyliss Warranty Claims

If your Zyliss product is defective to the extent that you believe it is covered by our warranty outlined on the previous page, please complete the form below.

*Completion of this form does not guarantee a replacement will be issued. Also, the method of replacement is solely within the discretion of DKB Household USA. For items that have been discontinued; if a similar replacement is not available, a coupon code may be issued for the value of the original item as determined by DKB Household USA.

Please Note: If your item was purchased within the last 30 days, please contact the retailer where the item was purchased for assistance.

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If you are located outside the US, please email CustomerCare@DKBrands.us directly for better assistance.

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Product & Receipt Of Purchase Images

Please Upload an image(s) of the product, focusing on the problem area if possible as well as a picture showing the brand's name. Also, please upload an image of your sales receipt to show proof of purchase. Without proof of purchase your warranty claim may be delayed.
*Max file size 2 MB for each photo (.jpg .gif & .png)

Warranty Info


We offer a 5-Year Guarantee on many of our products with the following exceptions:

  • Battery-Operated Products - 2-year guarantee.
  • For all other guarantee information please see individual product pages.
Reasons your item may NOT be covered
  • Missing Proof Of Purchase - Without proof of purchase your warranty claim may be denied. Decisions of approval or denial of your warranty claim is made at the discretion of the DKB Household staff.
  • Discontinued Items - If your item has been discontinued and you do not have proof of purchase we will not be able to confirm a satisfactory replacement or compensation for your item.

* Our warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use or normal wear and tear.

FAQs For Popular Items
  • Is my salad spinner covered by the 5-year warranty?
    Yes, salad spinners may be covered by the 5-year warranty. Please know, we do not have spare/replacement bowls or baskets for any of our salad spinners, replacements consist of a complete unit. Warranty claims are not approved if damage is the result of a drop or fall or improper use and handling.
  • Is my pan covered by the warranty?
    The non-stick coating on our pans have a 2-year warranty. The lifetime warranty for the pans covers construction of the pan, such as handles becoming loose. Many things can affect the coating on the pans, such as high heat, prolonged pre-heating while pan is empty, improper washing, etc.
  • My knives are rusting, is this covered by the warranty?
    Rust is the oxidation of iron caused by contact with water. This means rusting could occur if the knives are exposed to prolonged water exposure, and that is why rusting isn't covered by the Guarantee. We recommend washing the knives by hand and immediately towel drying, as this will prevent rust stains appearing on the knives. If rust does appear, normally it would only be surface and can be cleaned by using a scouring pad.

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